Social Justice Incubator

Social Justice Incubator

The Social Justice Incubator is a space for students to collaborate, engage, and organize around issues of social justice. Students may use the space to:

• Convene, gather, and support each other
• Discuss national and campus issues
• Form dialogue groups around issues of identity and justice
• Host speakers, panels, and other events
• Organize actions and incubate ideas
• Educate the campus community about issues of social justice
• Screen documentaries, form reading groups, and convene art

Examples of programs that have already happened in the Social Justice Incubator (SJI) include Class Talks, a student-led dialogue group aimed at engaging students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds at Wake Forest; UndocuDeacs, a student group focused on immigration justice; and Chai Chat discussion group focused on South Asian heritage and culture.

Located in the basement of Kitchin Residence Hall, the mission of SJI is to provide a space for students to gather and organize and host events connected to issues of social justice. Anyone is welcome to reserve the space to host events that are aligned with the mission of SJI. Please contact the steering team to be added to the monthly calendar.

Program Information

Marianne Magjuka, Advisor