Kids' Cooking Coalition: About Us

Kids' Cooking Coalition: About Us

  • Overview

    The Kids’ Cooking Coalition (KCC) is a community based program designed for children in elementary and early middle school. The goals of the KCC are to:

    • Bring cooking into the lives of children in our community
    • Make cooking fun, interesting and important
    • Establish a life-long skill of being able to prepare healthy food
    • The program consists of six 90 minute lessons. Each one includes an introduction to cooking skills, a nutrition lesson and related activities, and recipe preparation and a shared meal. The program is designed to be delivered weekly with each lesson building on the last. In an afterschool or school setting.


  • Sample Lesson Plans

    “I Love Fruits”

    Children will discover scents, tastes and textures of various fruits (dried and fresh), learn about the importance and sources of these fruits, and gain experience preparing fresh fruit. Skills include basic knife skills and how to read a recipe.

    “Know Your Food Group”

    Children are introduced to the USDA MyPlate and the importance of eating foods from all five food groups. Children will be able to identify the five food groups and representative food and nutrition information from each. Children will then prepare a balanced meal that includes all five. Skills include multiple ways to prepare raw vegetables, cooking meat, and reading a recipe.

  • Pilot Program

    The Kids’ Cooking Coalition launched in the spring of 2018 under the umbrella of the Campus Kitchen at Wake Forest University (CKWFU). Since 2006, CKWFU has worked with a network of civic and non-profit community partners to re-purpose and redistribute food across the Winston-Salem community. Their mission is to enhance the capacity of existing organizations to serve their community while contributing to a systemic reduction of food waste and a decline in food insecurity. Within their mission is a calling to nutrition education and specifically a desire to equip the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary to take control of their food future.

    The KCC pilot program was designed by Margaret Savoca in conjunction with nutrition graduate students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. CKWFU has taken in lead in facilitating the six week program at three sites in Winston-Salem: Positive Image Performing Arts, Cook Literacy Model School, and the YWCA Best Choice Center. Courses took place once a week at each of the community partner locations, so children were familiar with the site and it fit into their existing schedules. Each partner site provided a coordinator to help recruit and manage communication with parents and families.

    This pilot would not be possible without the support of a generous team of sponsors and our partner sites. Sponsors include the Kids’ Cooking Coalition Advisory Board, Aramark at Wake Forest University, Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) of North Carolina, and the Pro Humanitate Institute at Wake Forest University.

    We are currently reviewing the results of the pilot program. Interested parties and inquiries should be directed to Brad Shugoll, Assistant Director of the Pro Humanitate Institute, (