ACE Fellows Program

ACE Fellows Program

For nearly 20 years, the Academic and Community Engaged Faculty Fellowship has supported faculty at Wake Forest University through the development of service-learning courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Many of Wake Forest’s most engaged teachers have emerged from the ACE fellows program over its history. This legacy serves as the underpinning to each subsequent class.

The ACE Fellows program ethically promotes and sustains community engaged teaching, research, and scholarship through the development of faculty as public intellectuals connecting their work with community needs and projects. ACE Fellows are faculty who have already demonstrated an interest in engaged research, scholarship, or teaching and are interested in further developing this interest alongside a peer cohort. ACE Fellows commit to two years in the program, developing a community-facing project congruent with their research, scholarship, and/or teaching by the conclusion of the fellowship. Fellows may either start a new project or use the fellowship to develop deeper engagement around existing work. Fellows receive a $1,000 fellowship award annually that can be used for any expenses connected with their community based scholarship including but not limited to: supplies for teaching community-based courses, travel to present community engaged research or scholarship, and honorariums for hosting speakers in class or for the broader campus and community.

The 2018 ACE Fellows are place-based, working to frame and advance the University’s engagement with the broader Winston-Salem community. This effort will encourage more focused and intentional connections between resources of Wake Forest faculty, staff and students, and residents and community partners. It is also an opportunity to model university-community engagement that is mutually beneficial and respectful of reciprocal values and strengths.

In the Spring of 2019, thanks in large part to funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and as a part of the University’s efforts towards enhancing engagement in the humanities, we are recruiting a Humanities ACE Fellows cohort. These six humanities faculty will do similar work to the 2018 cohort but will come specifically from the humanities. Together we will explore both theoretical and practical applications of humanities knowledge in community-based work.

Interested faculty members must submit an application, a cover letter, and a copy of their CV to be considered for the ACE Fellowship. In addition to these materials, you may choose to submit letter(s) of support from community partners, colleagues, or students. Applicants should discuss their plans to apply for the ACE Fellowship with their department chair or dean as they will be contacted to confirm their support of your application. Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of members of the ACE advisory council, previous ACE fellows, and community partners. Cover letter and CV can be submitted via email to Shelley Sizemore at

Program Information

The 2018-2020 cohort has been named.  Learn more about them on our Affiliated Faculty page. Humanities faculty interested in the cohort that will begin in the Fall of 2019 can apply using the link below. Applications are invited through May 31st, 2019.


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