UndocuPeers is an undocumented-ally training facilitated by the Pro Humanitate Institute. The training materials were adapted from the nation-wide training created by United We Dream.

The purpose of this training is to serve as an entry point for staff members who want to be better equipped to support and work with undocumented students on our campus. During the UndocuPeers training, participants will learn about undocumented students’ unique position in higher education and become equipped with the language, skills, and resources needed to promote a more inclusive campus community for undocumented students.

Following the completion of the training, participants are invited to become members of a visible network that is committed to supporting and working with undocumented students at WFU. If you agree to become an undocumented-ally, you will receive a decal and certificate of completion that serves as an indicator of your UndocuPeers certification.

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Monthly trainings will be offered, please contact Cazandra Rebollar at rebocy13@wfu.edu if you have any questions.


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Cazandra Rebollar (rebocy13@wfu.edu)

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