Pump Up for Piccolo

Pump Up for Piccolo

The Pro Humanitate Institute partners with the Wake Forest Football Team and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity to sponsor a team strength competition to benefit the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. Brian Piccolo was a WF All American football player(1960-64) who played professionally for the Chicago Bears before losing his battle against cancer. Wake Forest students started the Piccolo Cancer Research Fund in 1980 and through the years they have sponsored various philanthropic events, like Pump Up for Piccolo, to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for cancer. The monies raised by “Piccolo”(over 2.5 million dollars in 36 years) are donated to the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University.

Teams comprised of two football players and two student organization members compete against each other in a series of strength and agility events. There are separate divisions for men and women teams with medals awarded to the “strongest” teams.

Program Information

April 2017

Will Hathaway, hathwd14@wfu.edu
Jason Ye, yejk14@wfu.edu
Brandon Hourigan, hourigbg@wfu.edu, Wake Forest Football
Mike Ford, fordmg@wfu.edu , Advisor