Hydrating Humanitate

Hydrating Humanitate

Now in its fourth year, Hydrating Humanitate is a student-led philanthropy supporting the humanitarian  non-profit, Hydrating Humanity,http://hydratinghumanity.org/  Hydrating Humanity works to create sustainable social and economic change in eastern Sub-Saharan Africa by building clean water sources through the construction of wells.  In addition, Hydrating Humanity provides teaching of public health and good hygiene practices in the local schools and with community partners.

The students sponsor a campus-wide educational and social event each year in April in the Barn. Hydrating Humanitate features live music, group dance competitions, speakers, food and raffle prizes.  A team of student leaders works closely with Hydrating Humanity and PHI to develop the marketing, recruitment, program, sponsors and fundraising for the event.

Program Information

Spring semester 2017

Tillman Drew(drewdt14@wfu.edu) and Maddie Wiley(wilema14@wfu.edu),
Student Co-chairs. Mike Ford(fordmg@wfu.edu), Staff Advisor