D.E.S.K. (Discovering Education through Student Knowledge)

 D.E.S.K. (Discovering Education through Student Knowledge)

D.E.S.K. (Discovering Education through Student Knowledge) is an annual community service project at Wake Forest University. What began as a simple conversation between an elementary school teacher and a Wake Forest student has been transformed into one of the most well-known community service events on campus.

When it was discovered that only four of her twenty students were passing math, a fifth grade teacher at Old Town Elementary School decided she needed to find the problem and solve it. Discovering that those who were performing well had the benefit of strong parental support in their home, she and Wake Forest students came up with a plan to help out those who may not be receiving the support they needed.

The idea behind D.E.S.K. is to provide a unique working environment for students to use in their own home. Each year, almost 50 different student organizations join forces on Wake Forest’s campus to paint desks for children in the local Winston-Salem community. The area is always abuzz with music, games, and prizes. Nearly 500 Wake Forest students paint alongside their sponsored child at the event.

Additionally, D.E.S.K. intends to solidify positive study habits by establishing more educational support in the home. We provide some school supplies and a grade-level appropriate book, as well as an assignment book, to better enable students and parents to achieve academic excellence through utilizing their own home environment.

Check out the promo video by Wake Forest alum Luke Dellorso (’17) capturing the 2016 event!

Program Information

Date and Time:
April 12, 2018
3pm-6pm, Poteat Field


Co-Chair: John Clancy, clanjl15@wfu.edu

Co-Chair: Sara Averbuch, aversm15@wfu.edu

Co-Chair: Meryl Fiore, fiorme15@wfu.edu

Advisor: Kelly Larrimore, larrimkj@wfu.edu