ACE Mini-Grants

ACE Mini-Grants

The Pro Humanitate Institute funds faculty-led initiatives and programs that connect Wake Forest faculty members’ teaching, research, and scholarship with the community locally, nationally, and globally. ACE mini-grants provide small scale funding that enables faculty to incorporate deeper connections with community in their work.  Applications for funding are collected and responded to on a rolling basis.  Any funding requests over $1,000 are approved by the ACE Advisory Council.

Applications for funding must be submitted by faculty and should enhance the applicant’s ability to teach, research, or further develop as a scholar that is community-facing. While ACE fellows may receive preferential consideration in funding decisions, applicants for funding are not required to be ACE fellows.

Funding may cover:

  • transportation costs
  • Honorarium
  • conference fees & travel associated with conference
  • supplies for project (may include food)

Funding may not cover:

  • Food (unless part of the project goals)
  • Professional association memberships
  • Stipends for research assistants

Program Information

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Funding is dispensed on a first-come, first-served basis.

ACE Mini-Grant Application

Shelley Sizemore (