Knowledge Communities

Knowledge Communities

In educational research and professional organizations alike, knowledge communities have gained recent attention as sites for innovation, collaboration, and praxis (the union of theory and practice). These communities often function as decentralized spaces for knowledge-sharing and production, cultivating dynamic opportunities for community-building.

While most knowledge communities exist within a singular academic or professional sphere, we believe that knowledge communities can function productively across our positional locations. For instance, a knowledge community that brings together education scholars with leaders in the public school system provides a different blend of knowledges than one solely oriented around academic research and discussion. Knowledge communities serve an important role in fostering our ability to engage intellectually and practically with some of our community’s most pressing challenges, and offer rich opportunities for university scholars and community leaders to work together.

In the Fall of 2018, we encourage proposals for knowledge communities from faculty and community member pairs. These communities should be prepared to meet regularly. These proposals should be centered around a primary theme or challenge identified by the co-leaders. Successful applications will articulate the ways in which leaders are uniquely positioned to facilitate diverse groups of WFU campus and community stakeholders in sharing, gaining, and producing knowledge.

More information about the structure and expectations of knowledge community leaders and members will be available in August. We encourage interested individuals to begin thinking about their proposed topic, their co-leader, and why they think this topic is of critical importance to our university and our city. If you are a community member or faculty member at Wake Forest interested in leading a knowledge community but you are unsure of where to start in finding a co-leader, please contact Shelley Sizemore at

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