This year, Project Pumpkin is excited to continue as Wake Forest’s largest and longest running community event!

The Steering committee is led by two Head Pumpkins and is the backbone of the entire event. The Steering committee is responsible for preliminary planning beginning in the Spring prior to Project Pumpkin. This committee maintains contact with the University, the community agencies, students, and other Project Pumpkin committees. Through their various positions, the Steering Committee oversees all aspects of Project Pumpkin and as a result members must have a significant amount of time to commit to Project Pumpkin for the first half of the Fall Semester. Ideally Steering Committee members will be accessible during the summer. The Steering Committee members oversee the other student committees, are present at all meetings, and are available to answer any questions or concerns. The Steering Committee meets weekly for an hour, in addition to the weekly Leadership Team meetings with all co-chairs.

If you would like to be an integral part of the Project Pumpkin, we welcome your application. Detailed descriptions of the committee chair positions can be found in the application, the title of the Steering Chair corresponds to the committees he/she will oversee. If you have any questions, contact Application is due Friday, April 13th at 5pm!

Apply here:

PP Steering